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If you would like to learn more about the Connecting Through Sport program, please send us a message by filling out the form below, or call Multicultural Australia on 07 3337 5400.

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No matter your skill level, sport is all about having a go and meeting new people!

Participating in sport not only connects you with new people, but it keeps your body healthy and active.

By signing up to a free four-week sports program, you can learn the rules to a new game and challenge yourself.

Sport teaches you how to be a good team player, which can help you grow as an individual both on and off the field.

To open up the world of sport to you, we are launching the Connecting Through Sport program at the Welcome Sports Festival in March.

Join us for a jam-packed day of sport, activities, and entertainment. Test your skills, make new friends and learn the rules of AFL, Tennis, Netball and Football.

At the Welcome Sports Festival you can also sign up to a free four-week sports program with your local club.


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Sport is a fun way to stay healthy and active, but it also connects communities and provides opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to meet, play and share experiences.

That is why we at Multicultural Australia have partnered with the Australian Government and Welcome Sports to deliver the Connecting Through Sport program so you can get involved with AFL, Netball, Football or Tennis. No matter your skill level, it is all about having a go and making new friends!